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Round Four Sign Ups

Welcome to Round Four!!

Challenge 1 will be posted Sunday, April 28 and will last for a week. Sign ups will end at the same time as the first challenge, on May 5. Promotion bonus points will also end on May 5.

Sign Ups for Round Four are now closed!

Signing Up
* Read the rules! We made some important changes from the previous rounds in regards to voting so please take a minute to read through the rules.
* Comment to this post with your name and any promotion links (see below).
* Join the community.
* Watch the community for updates.

* You can earn up to 4 points (2 per comm) for promoting the community.
* You can promote the community in your journal, graphics journal, etc. as long as the entry is not friends only.
* To receive your promotion bonus points, include the links to your promotion posts in a comment to this entry.

Promo banner & post:

If you have any questions at all, ask them here or over at page-a-mod, where comments are screened.

Round Four Participants:
1. margerydaw_s2
2. vintagic
3. sietepecados
4. watchpoint
5. naginis
6. sayuri_x
7. waaywardson
8. 12feethigh
9. rua1412
10. kasiopeia
11. vetica
12. outoftime
13. vampire_sessah
14. schryosel
15. julie_izumi
16. ladyhadhafang
17. akilah92
18. daleksaresexy
19. csichick_2
20. lemonzter
21. holidaylights
22. astrokittie
23. crucified
24. pamkips
25. oswin
26. g_shadowslayer
27. spartapuss
28. torzy86
29. the_silverdoe
30. fulminant
31. angelamaria
32. elleaf
33. arctic_flower
34. zaryaaa
35. aeriiths
36. rocketgirl2
37. deedo_2313
38. youfallup

And on a small personal note: Boston, you're my home and I love you! Stay Strong!

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