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Round Six: Sign - Ups

Sign Ups - Round Six

welcome to Round 6!! We're going back to basics this round and you will find a mix of technical and screencap challenges.

Challenge 1 will be posted Sunday, March 23 and will last for a week. Sign ups will end at the same time as the first challenge, on March 30. Promotion bonus points will also end on March 30. Please remember, if you sign-up you must enter the first challenge.

Signing Up
* Read the rules! We made some slight changes from the last round so please take a minute to read through the rules.
* Comment to this post with your name and any promotion links (see below).
* Join the community.
* Watch the community for updates.

* You can earn up to 4 points (2 per comm) for promoting the community.
* You can promote the community in your journal, graphics journal, etc. as long as the entry is not friends only.
* To receive your promotion bonus points, include the links to your promotion posts in a comment to this entry.

Promo banner & post:

If you have any questions at all, ask them here or over at page-a-mod, where comments are screened.

Round Six Participants
01. rua1412
02. myneonhearts
03. watchpoint
04. n_e_star
05. shameless666
06. crucified
07. setentpet
08. happy_day90 DQ due to lack of entry in round pne
09. shoujo_bubbles
10. slytheringurrl
11. dance_the_dance
12. jacquelee
13. icequeen3101
14. britt_m_89
15. cb_janey
16. raktajinos
17. pumpk1nkisses
18. vintagic
19. sesperia
20. naginis
21. rebel
22. vapor
23. roximonoxide
24. madampresident
25. anassa_anemou
26. wickdshy
27. alghuls
28. akilah92
29. applepips16
30. incandescent
31. astrokittie
32. library_of_sex
33. mergana
34. missbloodraven
35. ghanimasun
36. g_shadowslayer
37. jdbmanic
38. zaryaaa
39. outoftime
40. holidaylights
41. thyla87
Tags: !sign ups, round six
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